TeslaKee is a simple, convenient, and low-cost way to ensure that your car’s locking and passive entry systems are never compromised. Our anti-theft app helps protect against relay attacks and also prevents the theft of your vehicle .

About TeslaKee

For Tesla Owners

No matter if you own a Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y - Your PhoneKey is not as secure as you think!

Full Control

Act now and take back control on how the software on your smartphone unlocks your Tesla cars.

High Security

Based on your device sensors, you define the rules for plausible passive entry events sent to your phone,

The App that doesn’t talk to Strangers!

By monitoring your smartphone’s sensors, TeslaKee is able to check whether a received authorization request from your car is legitimate and should be answered. The rules for these plausibility checks are controled by you, only!

Your Location

TeslaKee monitors your location and has the ability to only react when you are close to your vehicle. Relay attacks work over large distances.

Your Activity

One of the most important plausibility indicators is your current physical activity. Usually, you walk up to your car.

The Time

Assign time slots according to your habits. This way, passive entry just works during the times you tell it to.

Many more

Most smartphone devices have a plethora of sensors. Over time, more sensors will be available for TeslaKee plausibility checks.

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